Silent Hill: Shattered Memorie

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memorie

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Publisher: Konami | Platform: WII | English | ISO | 4.37Gb
Genre: Adventure

Harry Mason and his daughter Cheryl are heading to a small midwestern resort town. Suddenly, Harry sees a dark figure in the street and swerves to avoid it, causing a serious accident. After coming to, Harry realizes that he has smashed the car and Cheryl is missing. You must guide Harry through the strange town of Silent Hill town while he searches for his daughter Will Harry be able to save his daughter and escape the town in Silent Hill?
Designed to make full use of the Wii's unique controllers, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories uses the Wii Remote as a torch and cell phone as Mason looks for clues. The torch is vital for scouring the darkened, abandoned buildings of Silent Hill, while the phone acts as a secondary user interface allowing the player to access maps via its GPS capabilities and take pictures of interesting elements. Likewise, the Wii Remote also can be used to pick up examine and manipulate items to solve puzzles along the journey. Such tech nology was not available when the original Silent Hill was released in 1999 and its inclusion showcases Konami's determination to enhance the playing experience with new, available technology.

Download : Rapidshare SHSD.part01.rar SHSD.part02.rar SHSD.part03.rar SHSD.part04.rar SHSD.part05.rar SHSD.part06.rar SHSD.part07.rar SHSD.part08.rar SHSD.part09.rar SHSD.part10.rar SHSD.part11.rar SHSD.part12.rar SHSD.part13.rar SHSD.part14.rar SHSD.part15.rar SHSD.part16.rar SHSD.part17.rar SHSD.part18.rar SHSD.part19.rar SHSD.part20.rar SHSD.part21.rar SHSD.part22.rar SHSD.part23.rar SHSD.sfv

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