Unlock iPhone 3G,3GS OS 3.0,3.0.1 without wifi (No Software required)

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Unlock iPhone 3G,3GS OS 3.0,3.0.1 without wifi (No Software required)

Message par ΛMIПΣ le Jeu 4 Mar - 4:47

ow you can unlock iPhone 3G,3GS OS3.0,3.0.1 without wifi and without any software.

1. iPhone 3G,3GS with OS 3.0,3.0.1 (Modem Firmware 04.26.08)
2. iTunes 8.2
3. .Net Framework 2.0
4. Windows XP

Connect iPhone with PC,iPhone should be synced once with itunes (important)
just run "Unlock3G,S_3.0.bat" and reboot manually after that.
phone will reboot one time automatically and you are done.

the procedure is little risky if you don't know what you are doing,So
do it on your own risk.i will not be responsible for any damage caused
by this.
Thanks button is there if you like it.

Yes i know that ultrasn0w new version 0.9xx is out
and i am spending lot of time to uprade mine,
but it is rather very complicated now because ultrasn0w is not a binary package anymore
rather it is a dynamic library extension now,which have dependency of mobilesubstrate.
it injects itself into commcenter by a rather complicated method.
by the way i didn't seen any improvement in new version.
i will upgrade when i will be completely satisfied with results.
but if you are still curious to update then simply uninstall mine and update via cydia.

Ceci va debloquer votre IPhone 3G,3GS OS 3.0,3.0.1 sans wifi
Synchroniser votre IPhone une fois avec Itunes puis excuter
"Unlock3G,S_3.0.bat" puis redemarrer le IPhone manuellement.

Le Iphone doit etre Jailbreaker.

megaupload.com 30UBSV6O

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